Framed By Ivy

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Trollbeads Framed By Ivy - 2020 People's Bead

The winner of the 2020 People's Bead is Amanda White, with her heartfelt and inspired design, Framed By Ivy. Amanda is no stranger to Trollbeads fame, as she also won with her 2015 design, Tropical Travels.

Here, Amanda describes her inspiration for this lovely silver charm. “This design was created during a time all nations were urged to stay apart in order to protect those we love. In troubled times I found my solace by walking through the woods and countryside. During each visit I passed ivy covered trees. I admire ivy for its determination, vigor and longevity. Against all odds the faithful ivy forms a strong bond which remains constant throughout the year. I wanted my design to symbolize the unity we share with those we love."


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