Silver Bracelets

Trollbeads Silver Bracelet

Don't forget to buy a clasp with your Trollbeads bracelet! Click here to shop clasps.

When ordering a chain, whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, remember the measurement you order will include the length of a clasp. So, if you order a 7.5 bracelet chain you will actually be getting around a 6.5 chain.

All clasps are 1” except the Fish Clasp and Large Flower Clasp and they are 1 ¼” long.

How do I determine my proper bracelet size? 

When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly around where your wrist is the broadest and add 2 cm or about 1 inch. This will allow enough space to add beads until your bracelet is full.

Trollbeads silver bracelets are solid .925 sterling silver. Not only are Trollbeads silver bracelets great looking, but they are also well crafted and exceptionally durable.

Trollbeads Bracelet with Cats