People's Bead

Trollbeads People's Bead

The 2023 People's Bead is Atom of Unity, designed by Italian Artist, Paolo Riviera.  The artist's inspiration for this bead stems from his fascination with atoms, and how the same molecules that compose our bodies existed in stars that exploded billions of years ago.  Like the circular configuration of electrons orbiting an atom's nucleus, Riviera has also noted that this configuration closely resembles the pattern of the solar system. 

Since 2009, Trollbeads has released a people's bead, or beads, every Fall.  This wonderful event captures the democratic essence of the Trollbeads spirit.  Each year, people from across the globe submit designs which will later be voted on by Trollbeads enthusiasts. Whichever design receives the most votes becomes the People's Bead that year.  

Every year, one bead has been released for the event, except for 2012 and 2013 when several beads were released.  We have listed all the past winners in this category that are still in the permanent collection.  Enjoy!

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