People's Bead

Trollbeads People's Bead

The 2020 People's Bead is Framed By Ivy, designed by Amanda White. During her frequent expeditions in the woods, Amanda found inspiration in the resilient and vigorous ivy plants she would find growing among trees. During this difficult period where people find themselves in the midst of personal and global challenges, Amanda draws hope and strength from this powerful plant.

Since 2009, Trollbeads has released a people's bead, or beads, every Fall.  This wonderful event captures the democratic essence of the Trollbeads spirit.  Each year, people from across the globe submit designs which will later be voted on by Trollbeads enthusiasts. Whichever design receives the most votes becomes the People's Bead that year.  

Each year, one bead has been released for the event, except for 2012 and 2013 when several beads were released.  We have listed all the past winners in this category that are still in the permanent collection.  Enjoy!

Trollbeads Framed By Ivy