Spring Collection

Trollbeads Spring Collection

Trollbeads Spring 2021 Collection

This robust Trollbeads offering features a whopping thirty nine items, including eighteen new glass beads, six glass kits, (three of which are comprised of classic beads from previous releases) several pendants and silver charms, two locks, a ring, six spacers, a Fantasy Necklace and a silver charm adorned with precious stones.

The glass from this collection is arguably some of the best that Trollbeads has ever released in a single season. Each of the three new glass kits is perfectly cohesive with all six beads in each kit contributing a great deal to its collective theme. 

The five inscribed spacers are also notable, adding a new style of bead to the Trollbeads lineup. In addition, it's great to see a Fantasy Necklace with a lovely glass mosaic pendant, rather than the traditional precious stone. Finally, the White & Green Lock and the reinterpretation of the Wisdom bead round out this collection, making it one of the most exciting we've seen in many years!