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Spring Trollbeads

Trollbeads Spring 2018 Collection

The Spring Trollbeads collection makes clear that Trollbeads is not just another trend jewelry brand, but rather a company whose designs are deeply grounded in a culture of tradition.  While jewelry trends constantly come and go, often jumping on the band wagon of the latest and greatest styles, Trollbeads manages retain and grow it's roots in its own strong identity of faery tale, myth, and nature.

The Enchanted Forest Trollbeads collection is full of beads that harken back in theme to some of the brand's earliest creations.  Yet, Trollbeads manages to stay fresh and relevant, by creating exciting new color combinations and patterns in their glass, and bringing to life new and unexpected creatures, both mythical and real, in their silver designs.

We hope that you too are inspired and enthused by the Spring Trollbeads collection!

Trollbeads Spring Collection 2018