Spring Collection

Trollbeads Spring Collection

Trollbeads Spring 2022 Collection

This Trollbeads Spring collection is full of pretty colors, interesting patterns, and nature inspired designs. With twelve new glass beads in the Flower Garden collection, six smooth and six faceted, we have plenty of new inspiring colors and textures to work into our Trollbeads creations. Some of these beads are strong enough on their own, that they deserve to be the central inspiration of a new design; while others will serve best playing a supporting roll.

The silver charms in the Spring collection are also quite impressive both in their attention to detail and in their underlying symbolism. When examining these beads carefully, it's clear that a great deal of artisanship, care, and love go into each of these creations. 

In addition to two new faceted stones and several charms with pearls and glass incorporated into their design, it's wonderful to see a collection with four extremely impressive locks. Be sure to have a good look at all four of them, because each is truly fabulous.