Fall Trollbeads

Trollbeads Autumn Collection 2020

The Harmony Harvest Collection

This vast Trollbeads Fall release brings with it thirty five new pieces. The biggest surprise in this extensive collection is the introduction of six porcelain beads, each with a hand painted vegetable, highlighting the harvest season. With all six of these Porcelain Trollbeads being outstanding, it's likely that many will choose to initially collect all six, perhaps prioritizing these ahead of many of the other wonderful pieces.

Both glass kits are also outstanding, with plenty of subtle design nuances and well chosen colors and patterns. The color palates skew toward neutral and are extremely versatile for pairing with so many existing glass beads in the collection, or for mixing together and creating a pastel design with bursts of more intense fall color.

Plenty of brilliantly designed silver spacers, silver charms, and three new locks compliment the glass collection with ample critter and nature elements to choose from. Finally, the Ruby Fantasy Necklace is sure to get plenty of attention, with its unique tapered shape. Happy shopping! 


Trollbeads Porcelain Fall 2020 beads