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Unique Trollbeads (OOAK)

Trollbeads Unique Glass Beads

Unique Trollbeads, often called OOAK, (which stands for one of a kind) are glass beads that have no name or catalogue number. Specific Unique Trollbeads' designs are limited in production and are sometimes extremely rare, making them very appealing to collectors. The designs for Unique Trollbeads are a collaboration between Lise Aagaard, CEO of Trollbeads, and the glass artisans who make the beads. Often, new bead designs for the permanent collection develop through the artisans' ideas and experiments with Unique Trollbeads.

Small core Unique Trollbeads, sometimes called "classic core," have the same size sterling silver core as the glass beads in the permanent Trollbeads collection.

Large core Unique Trollbeads, sometimes called "Universal Uniques" have a larger sterling silver core that is compatible with Pandora, Chamilla, and the other major beaded jewelry lines.

Universal Unique Trollbeads OOAK Glass Beads