8th Jun 2016


Sometime between 30 and 50 million years ago a tree had some sap rolling down it. Totally inconsequential right? Wrong. Because of that small natural incident we now have so many lovely Trollbeads Amber beads to choose from! Amber is a very captivating material and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, making a resurgence very recently for children's jewelry (which you can read about here ). Said to have the ability to relieve pain in the head, nose and throat, and prevent rheumatis and arthritis, healers have recommended Amber to the elderly since the earliest recorded time. Now you can even head to an ultra chic spa for a crushed Amber treatment!

But let's get back to amber Trollbeads and look at the collection.

Honey Dew

This transparent Amber can be confused for glass (if it is free of inclusions) by the untrained eye; but to the touch it is obvious that this bead is something special. Amber is so light it has the ability to float on water (don't try it with your Trollbeads- the silver core is too heavy), making a whole chain of Amber beads unbelievably light when compared to their glass counterparts. The Honey Dew is also the "youngest" Amber in the collection- if you can call 30 million years young.

The Honey Dew Bead has a soft golden hue and can be used for pretty gold highlights when you want that rich pop of color but aren't crazy about spending a few hundred on a gold bead.

*Honey Dew Gold Highlight Pic Here*


Still light in color but opaque, the Alabaster beads tend to have the ability to stand on their own in a design. We love when alabaster colored uniques come in because often they are HUGE and have the ability to become a bracelets focal piece.

I find this bead super useful when working with a pastel color palette or when trying to create some contrast with very dark beads ( Think Green Moss Agate or Tiger Eye).

Maple Syrup

A Trollbeads fan favorite this rich syrupy colored bead lends itself to so many design options. This particular design we love for the jewel tone of the beads accompanied by the bright copper highlight and Pearl.Carmel Sunset- Generally a small bead, this dark bead dates as the oldest of any of the ambers.

Unique Ambers

Unique Ambers are some of our favorite beads in the entire Trollbeads Universe. Unique ambers also have a range of color and sizes and offer more options for individuals who like inclusions in their Amber (which we are quite partial too). In March 2016 we were so lucky to have our first and only Amber Bug ever! It caused quite a stir.