Safety Chains- Your new Favorite Product

Posted by Heather Girves on 10th Jul 2016

Safety Chains- do you need them?

Everyone who shops Trollbeads in our store knows I am very passionate about safety chains. It is the easiest thing to do- unclasp the wrong end of your bracelet and get your beads all over the place, or somehow bump the larger clasp side and drop a bracelet. A safety chain provides insurance that your bracelet will stay with you, and for a $35 one time spend a safety chain could potentially be one of the best Trollbeads items you will ever buy.

So what is a safety chain? It is a small inconspicuous silver chain that has a small clasp on one side and an "o" shaped opening on the other. When wearing your bracelet I hardly ever notice mine, and I can assure you it does not cover any of the beads or impair any movement on the bracelet.

This bracelet may look complete, but it is just one false move away from this:

Just imagine this happening on a busy street (it has happened). That is a whole lot of unneeded horror and tears. I have seen some people try and fix the problem like this:

But what happens if something happens and your clasp fails? Your entire bracelet is gone! But do worry- that will not happen with a safety chain! As a matter of fact if your clasp fails your bracelet won't go far at all.

Getting a safety chain on a bracelet is very easy too. First take all your beads off your bracelet. We have a handy little knitting tool to help us with this process and you can find one at your favorite craft store.

Now that you have your beads off your bracelet, slide the "o" shaped ring onto your bracelet, just as you would a bead.

Sting it all the way to the end of your bracelet.

Now add your beads.

Add your clasp as you normally would- your clasp and the clasp of the safety chain SHOULD NOT be attached to each other. Remember this is a back up if your lock is to fail, so they don't work together.

This is how the whole set up should look on your wrist. As I mentioned before another perk of having a safety chain is the ease it provides when clasping your own bracelet- check out how much less wiggle room there is!

Here is a little shot of the final product, as you can see, the safety chain is very inconspicuous and does not distract from your lovely beads.