Happy Trollbeads Day!

Happy Trollbeads Day!

2nd Jul 2016

Trollbeads Day, 2016

We are so excited about Trollbeads Day this year! Of course Trollbeads had to do something special for their 40th Anniversary and we, here at Trollbeads Akron, are not disappointed. The last few years have brought us some special beads, but this year, being a big milestone, has a few other treats in store.

First- The EXTREMLY LIMITED collectors jewelry box. 

Very much like another style of box that was released some time ago, this box features a beautiful mandala on the lid, with the Trollbeads insignia and dates 1976-2016 in a small format on the back. Something different to this box than any others that collectors have seen before is the smaller magnifying piece that sits in the middle compartment of the top layer of the box. The box has 2 layers for bead storage that set on top of each other, but do not lock into place. My only complaint about this particular item is its extremely limited supply. We, as retailers receive a very small number of boxes (6 to be exact) and every retailer gets to choose how to distribute these lovely boxes. I know many retailers are only giving the boxes to those who purchase the Gold Anniversary Bead, but that doesn't work for us. So to ensure everyone has a shot at getting their hands on one of these coveted boxes we will be giving 2 of them away. One on our Facebook page, which you can find here: and one in store on July 2nd. You have until July 3rd 2016 to enter to win the box via Facebook.

Second Trollbeads Day Jaw Dropper

The Trollbeads Day Bead in Gold

Trollbeads Day Bead 2016, Gold

Whoa. What else can you say? Who wouldn't love to have this gorgeous gold bead on their bracelet? It is composed of a cluster of clovers, 3 with 3 leaves and the fourth with four, and I can honestly say this design is easily my favorite for the Trollbeads Day Beads to date. But with the prices set at $521 usd I will have to be saving my pennies for some time before I can call this beauty mine.

Third- and my Favorite of them all- The Lucky Friends Bracelet

Trollbeads Lucky Friends Bracelet

I know their have been some critics of Trollbeads decision to put out this Limited Edition Bracelet with just the special edition lock and bead, but I for one am thrilled. The 30th anniversary bracelet was something that was out of reach for some of us, and this bracelet, with its $129 price tag, is something most collectors can swing. Plus I like love with Trollbeads stands for in that I tell my own story with my bracelet. So I can wear this however I want, without feeling guilty for taking and special edition beads away from each other. 

This is how I am currently wearing mine

I LOVE it!!!!! 

Okay- now some details: The bead is identical to the gold as shown above in design, and the lock mimics that design to a point. There are 2 three leaf clovers on the lock, but these have stems and the beads do not, and then the 3rd clover has flour leaves and the stem curves around the larger end of the clasp. Unfortunatly it is another lock by Trollbeads that does not it into the bracelet in a completely flush manner, but it is easier to get on than the Catching Hearts Lock, so I personally will happily execpt it.

Oh- and one more thing! To celebrate the big day we will be giving away two Lucky Friends Bracelets as well! Again, one on Facebook and one in store July 2nd.

So what are your thoughts on the Anniversary Bracelet? Share them with us!