9th Jun 2016

You may have been a customer with us for a while, or just stumbled upon this site randomly because you liked one of our photos, but who ever you are WE ARE SO GLAD you are here! Trollbeads Akron has been up and running as a site for years, but this is our very first time blogging. Why blogging? Well that's a good question. We love the products we work with and a website only allows so much of a platform to talk about it. Here we hope to create an environment where we can have a conversation with other Trollies about design, products and knowledge that we have not been able to have before in an organized, community driven way. The best way to learn about anything is having fun and I find if you want to know anything about Trollbeads all you have to do is ask the fans! So- here we are, ready to get started on a fun new adventure with you guys!

So what do you want to know? Have questions about the history of a certain product or a retired bead? Need help figuring out a fantasy necklace design? Want to know the best way to clean your beads? We will cover it all! Just stay tuned!